An overview to KEM:

Khorasan Exhaust Mfg. Company (KEM) is one of the greatest and leading companies in Iran’s Automotive Parts Industry Group (IAPCO).

It is one of the successful and effective companies among the IAPCO group with more than 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying exhaust sets, spare parts and catalyst for light and heavy vehicles.

The company is known as a pioneer Exhaust Manufacturer in Iran by producing and supplying parts for IAPCO, SAIPA Group, BAHMAN Group, ZAMYAD Group, PARS KHODRO, MORATAB Group, SEPAHAN LIFTER Co and etc.

KEM’s vision is globalization with emphasizing on 3 Specific Features:

  • Producing in world class level
  • Cooperating with worldwide auto part manufacturers
  • Being the biggest supplier in domestic market, that made it the largest exhaust and catalysts manufacturer, the first choice and principal importer of Iranian automakers in Iran.

The market share of KEM is more than 80% of IAPCO products. It is the leading company in after-market sales with Reza Mashhad and Simorgh well-known brands. KEM annual production capacity is more than one million and a half exhaust sets that show its supreme power in the market.

It takes advantage of the latest technologies including: Fully automatic muffler production lines, CNC pipe bending machines, robotic lines and high-tech catalysts canning, fully automatic exhaust welding machines and the latest technology for  aluminized, galvanized and oil pipe producing to manufacture the high-quality products in accordance with global standards.

KEM is currently cooperating with the world’s leading companies to produce the exhaust and catalysts sets under the license of DINEX ECOCAT and FAURECIA.

Employing highly skilled and experienced staffs, using well-equipped laboratories and being knowledge base as an organizational value, made KEM a leader in investigation and products ‘development field. The best sample for Kem capability is catalyst converter as a high-tech category in Iran automotive industry as an environmental protection which is produced by KEM in a variety of ceramic and metal converters, closed couple and underbody types of Euro 4 and EOBD technologies.

It has offered its products to the automobile manufacturer and after-market customers through Reza Mashhad and Simorgh brands.

In the export market, we have supplied Peugeot Citroën product requirements for its Brazil and France companies.

KEM has five production licenses from reputable global companies for its products. The products come in two types of catalytic converters and exhaust sets.

The catalytic converters, which  its usage have been mandatory in Iran since 2002, are a major element in the elimination of fossil fuel combustion pollution in cars engine, which is currently being supplied to domestic automakers with Euro 4 standard, and KEM  has upgraded it to the requirements of the EOBD systems.

The raw materials are divided into three groups: steel products, catalysts, spare parts and related components. The OEM required material are fully procured from first grade foreign suppliers and after- markets requirements have supplied partially by foreign suppliers and somehow via domestic suppliers.

The KEM tube line mill has capability of producing various types of industrial coated Aluminized and galvanized tubes, as well as uncoated oily and black pipes with diameters of 20 to 76 mm and thickness of 1 to 3 mm.

Currently, KEM is manufacturing tubes in 34, 38, 42, 45, 50, 54 and 64 mm diameters as well as 30×30 and 20×40 profiles.

KEM products are manufactured according to DIN 2394 standard that has higher quality standards in industrial pipes comparing the other pipes. This item has been considered in KEM tube milling using high quality ERW technology and has the capability to compete with foreign products.