CEOs Statement sasan seyrani

CEO’s Statement sasan seyrani

Khorasan Exhaust Mfg. Co as manufacturer of all auto exhaust types and welded pipes has established its quality management system (QMS) based on standard (ISO9001:2015)-(AITF16949:2016), the specific requirement of Iran khodro (IKCO) industrial group suppliers (ISSR) and IKAP group requirements (QIP) and in order to reach its qualitative and quantitative goals defined the following items as its quality policy:  

    • Providing a suitable work place for personnel , expand team working and staff participation ( human resource exaltation)
    • Penetrating in New markets and expanding current market share
    • Staffs’ continuous training in different organizational positions
    • Understanding the shareholders needs and attempting to meet their needs
    • Recognizing the improvement opportunities to improve quality and productivity indicators continuously
    • Respect to governmental rules and regulations
    • As the most important indicator of organization logistic aims, Try on time delivery of customers’ orders
    • Effort for suppliers quality improvement and monitoring their quality performance
    • Increasing HR productivity & efficiency both in production and administrative levels
    • Creating quality culture & preventing wastage in all organizational units and keeping the decreasing process of wasting in production line
    • Responsible protection of environment and optimal usage of sources and respect to environment rules & regulations

    Hereby KEM management undertakes that quality policy has understand, implemented and maintained in all organizational levels and, if necessary, will be revising by senior management 

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