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KHORASAN EXHAUST Mfg. is acting as manufacturer of various types of exhaust for different kinds of vehicles with the perspective of creating and optimizing value for all of the beneficiaries. This company has established its quality management system based on IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015, also Irankhodro Supply Specific Requirements (ISSR). As a procedure to its quality and quantity purposes and with consideration of IKCO. Strategic plan, KHORASAN EXHAUST Mfg. comp-any (KEM CO.) has defined following items as its quality procedure:

      • Improving quality level for products, creating dynamic self-quality control culture in all production levels and keeping decreasing flow of waste (zero-waste) in production.
      • Increasing production capacity via growth in production efficiency, optimizing human resources alongside with education in production and office levels.
      • Endeavor to deliver products on time and prevent customer’s production line from stopping, as the most vital logistic goal of company.
      • Make an effort to increase providers’ quality level an observing over their quality operations.
      • Try to gain, update and put international quality standards and certifications in practice.
      • Paying special attention to expanding new markets for exporting and also current markets
      • Growing satisfaction level for beneficiaries through precise identification of needs and expectations alongside with obeying governmental roles and laws.
      • Recognition of promotion opportunities in order to continuous improvement for quality and efficiency indicators.
      • Lowering products prices without decreasing quality in company with increasing benefit
      • Being responsible toward environment and optimized usage of recourses side by side with obeying environmental rules and laws.
      • Continuously education of personals in various periods to unstopped improving of process
      • Standardization, performing and regarding 5S, health safety and agronomy principals in all organization’s levels.
      • Standardization, performing and regarding energy system management principals, in line with social responsibilities, in all organization’s levels.

      The director of KHORASAN EXHAUST Mfg. is obligated to make understanding, keeping, performing and in case of necessity, reviewing this procedure in all of the organization’s levels.



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