KEM Tube mill line products:

KEM has defined the tube mill project aiming:

Localization of industrial tubes manufacturing

Job creation

Increasing the profit margin

Creating new jobs’ opportunity

Maintaining the growing trend of company in future

To reach “we can” strategy we have invested, purchased and set up the tube mill line.

Tube mill line Profile & Production capability:

KEM Tube mill line has the capability to produce various types of  Aluminized, Galvanized, Oiled, and Black  welded tubes and all types of industrial profiles, as well as potentiality of producing all types of steel tubes and API 5L tubes.

 The size of producible tubes: 20 to 76 mm in diameter and 1 to 3 mm in thickness

Tube mill process: continuous roll forming process

Welding Technology: High Frequency Injection (HFIW)

Inside Pipe deburring Technology: Online Mechanical deburring.

Nominal production quantity:  30000 ton

Machineries manufacturing time: 7 months

Installation & Set up time: 2 months

The shareholders funded required amount for tube mill line project from the increasing share capital. 

Tube mill job creation:

There are 7 employees in each tube line shift, so, it makes job opportunity for 7 people in 3 shifts.