Providing services for automotive related industries

Export development

High added value product development (set- up)

Maintaining & developing domestic market for available products

Expansion of product design capability

Development and improvement of financial resources management

Development of human resources in line with global construction

Empowering the supply chain according to competitiveness

Joint Venture with top companies and creating joint -brand  

Lean production based on a systematic approach to recognize and eliminate waste

KEM strategy & mission statement

Design, production and supply of exhaust system components, catalytic converters and passenger cars & heavy vehicle’s parts .Providing related services for domestic car manufacturers, aftermarket customers and overseas markets through competitiveness in order to satisfy the needs of all shareholders and create a proper work place to grow and improve in the industrial community.

Values of KEM

Pragmatism (practicality)

Responsibility & Responsiveness

Knowledge base learning& educating

Agility (fast response)

Participation and team working

Secrecy & Loyalty

KEM Objectives

Export development

Increasing competitiveness

Increase market share

Increase sales

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