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Summary of the introduction of Khorasan Auto Exhaust Company (Reza Mashhad) kem

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Statement of the CEO of Khorasan Auto Exhaust

Sasan Seyrani

  • Providing a suitable work place for personnel , expand team working and staff participation ( human resource exaltation)
  • Penetrating in New markets and expanding current market share
  • Staffs’ continuous training in different organizational positions
  • Understanding the shareholders needs and attempting to meet their needs
  • Recognizing the improvement opportunities to improve quality and productivity indicators continuously
  • Respect to governmental rules and regulations
  • As the most important indicator of organization logistic aims, Try on time delivery of customers’ orders
  • Effort for suppliers quality improvement and monitoring their quality performance
  • Increasing HR productivity & efficiency both in production and administrative levels
  • Creating quality culture & preventing wastage in all organizational units and keeping the decreasing process of wasting in production line
  • Responsible protection of environment and optimal usage of sources and respect to environment rules & regulations
  • Hereby KEM management undertakes that quality policy has understand, implemented and maintained in all organizational levels and, if necessary, will be revising by senior management



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History of Khorasan Exhaust Mfg. CO (KEM)

Sasan Seyrani

-Year 1973: Establishing Reza Mashhad Company

-Year 1976: Establishing the exhaust manufacturing site to cover different types of passenger cars & heavy vehicles’ exhaust production in Reza Mashhad Co

-Year1978: Change the company name from Reza Mashhad into Iran Auto Parts Industrial Group with the aim of manufacturing auto parts and supplying the requirement of domestic car lines and international one.

-Year 1994: Transmission of exhaust site from Mashhad to Neyshabur & establishing Khorasan Exhaust Mfg. Co

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Values of KEM

Sasan Seyrani

Pragmatism (practicality)

Responsibility & Responsiveness

Knowledge base learning& educating

Agility (fast response)

Participation and team working

Secrecy & Loyalty

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KEM Mission

Sasan Seyrani

Providing services for automotive related industries

Export development

High added value product development (set- up)

Maintaining & developing domestic market for available products

Expansion of product design capability

Development and improvement of financial resources management

Development of human resources in line with global construction

Empowering the supply chain according to competitiveness

Joint Venture with top companies and creating joint -brand  

Lean production based on a systematic approach to recognize and eliminate waste

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KEM strategy & mission statement

Sasan Seyrani

Design, production and supply of exhaust system components, catalytic converters and passenger cars & heavy vehicle’s parts .Providing related services for domestic car manufacturers, aftermarket customers and overseas markets through competitiveness in order to satisfy the needs of all shareholders and create a proper work place to grow and improve in the industrial community.

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KEM vision

Sasan Seyrani

Globalization emphasizing on:

  • World class Production (WCM)
  • Cooperating with global manufacturers
  • Saving our position as the largest manufacturer in domestic field